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Women dating northallerton northyorkshire

It was then believed that a Saxon town known as Alvertune developed.In Pierre de Langtoft's history of King Alfred he writes that in 865 it was the site of a number of battles between King Elfrid and his brother Alfred and five Danish kings and a similar number of earls.In the golden age of coaching, Northallerton had four coaching inns along High Street serving passengers and horses using several routes to the north.

With the arrival of the railway the mart was built close to the station, but this later closed and today the cattle market is held in Applegarth Court.

In 1069, in an attempt to quell rebellion in the north, the area between the Ouse and the Tyne was laid to waste by the armies of William the Conqueror.

The town of Northallerton was almost totally destroyed or depopulated.

The victory by the English ensured the safety of Northern England.

Shortly after his accession William Rufus gave the town, with the lands adjacent, to the see of Durham, and, under the patronage of the bishops of that diocese, it grew in importance, and became an episcopal residence.

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Due to the proximity of the Roman road, entrenchments and relics it seems that the earliest settlement at Northallerton was some form of Roman military station.

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