Virtual dating adriane a guide to dating around the world

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I find them at times I just know that it is a message grom my Dad.

Reply A ladybug was in my bathroom sink this morning.What you think also I did use to have white feathers everywhere I went an orb on video with static and heavy breathing when headphones or in.Sorry for the ramble 🙂 Reply I found your page while searching for a meaning to my dream.So I had proof I wasn’t going crazy lol Today is my Birthday and I had just got up a little later then usual and i was letting my lil Yorkie Frankie (named after my Dad) outside and there was a cardinal that flew on a branch in my back yard.Usually i make my coffee and feed my baby, but instead she wanted to go out right then.

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I woke up this morning after having a very vivid dream of my mom who passed Dec 6, 2015. And I’ve had things put In my path for odd I can feel them in my thoughts and they answer me like they are still here ♥️♥️ Reply My hubby was my best friend my kindred spirit.were only together 2 short years when he unexpectedly died. Esp in our hallway..i begged my hubby if he could hear me see me please please show up in a pic..2 mos passed and he did.ghost like u can see his facial hair his hat outkibibg of shoulders arms then the rest isnt there..