Russianonlinedating com

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Russianonlinedating com

Related posts: The affiliate network driven fraudulent model shares revenue with network participants every time a new user registers at the site, buys a premium access to the dating network, or buys pseudo value-added items such as flowers or presents for any of the fake girls.

What’s particularly interesting about Russian dating networks, is that in order to boost their appeal to prospective users, they exclusively rely on fake and automatically created profiles of non-existent girls.

International dating adventure is challenging for every Western man who decides to search for a woman from Ukraine and Russia.

The top 5 Runet cities for online dating in order of popularity include Moscow, St.

More specifically, “dating sites for relationships” proved to be a popular keyword, attracting 27, 000 search queries last month on Yandex.

Next in line, users specified that they were looking for “dating sites for serious relationships,” which drew in 26,000 queries on the popular Russian search engine.

By doing this, they increase the conversion rates for an average network user, and attempt to earn more from his participation in the network.

Are these flowers ever going to reach the address of the fake girls?

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