Non sedating antihistamine syrup

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Non sedating antihistamine syrup

Diarrhoea/Constipation As with any medication given to your dog, there is the chance that their body reacts in a different manner which can affect their bowel movements.Constipation is usually more common than diarrhoea in the case of Piriton, but that can differ. Dog allergies are a lot more common than you think, but they don’t always require a trip to the vets and an expensive bill.

Because infants have immature immune systems, they are more predisposed to side effects.

is perfectly safe for dogs and is often recommended by vets as an alternative to prescription drugs to ease the symptoms of allergies, as long as the correct dosage is adhered to and the tablets or syrup are administered correctly.

Piriton can be used as a long-term solution for uncomfortable, chronic allergy symptoms and has the benefit of having few side effects.

For more information on its dosage and administration, please refer to the package insert found in the box.

In the Philippines, most pediatric allergy cases involve young children and teenagers, with food allergy topping the list.

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