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(See Video: the dressing room of the future)Video: 4 credit card reward hacks -- Here are four of our favorite hacks to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. (See Video: Credit card reward hacks)Video: Drawing down debt -- When it comes to getting rid of debt, you've got to be creative and one artist took that idea to a new level when she drew out the statements of every one of her credit cards until they were paid off ...(See Debt)EMV chip card torture test -- We put EMV chip credit cards through a series of tests to see how they stand up to common threats such as extreme temperatures, water and corrosive liquids. (See Test)Video: Brews and banking with Capital One -- Banks like Capital One are reaching out to customers in a new way, by giving a Starbucks experience to visitors and giving them a chance to get their banking questions answered along the way ...(See Cafe)Video: How your points can pay for experiences -- Tips on how to use your points for more than hotels and flights ...

Strategize early how you’ll pay those bills to make the transition easier and help you bank some much-needed credit card rewards in the process ... (See Black Friday survival guide)Video: Reap rewards for holiday decorations -- From ghoulish ghosts to a wonderland of lights, if you plan to make your home shine bright this decorating season make sure your rewards cards pitch in with the cost. (See Video: holiday decorations and card rewards)Video: How closing your card affects your credit score -- With big sign-on bonuses tempting you towards new cards, you may wonder if it’s time to close out cards you no longer use.

Please notify us in this case with the name and address of the Mastercard acceptance merchant.

The CVC code is generated for your card number randomly in order that payment systems can identify and ensure the card number belongs to the CVC number entered.

(See House)Food trucks leaving cash in the dust -- More restaurants and food trucks are going cashless, so don't forget your credit card if you're heading out for a bite to eat ...

(See Payments)Video: Master your bucket list with points -- If your bucket list has items like travel and getting in shape, you may be able to use your credit card rewards points to do it on the cheap ... -- saves you the hassle of applying for cards that end up not being right for you.

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Only when these two numbers match, the payment gets accepted by the merchant.