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by Rocky Anderson posting sweet and futile updates on FB. Andrew Sullivan is now officially liveblogging. O 50-49 in FL MO 53-44 R New Hampshire 50-48 O NJ 53-45 O PA 52-47 O8 PM Rachel Maddow’s calls: Illinois, Massachusets for Obama; TN for Romney; Maryland for Obama; Alabama for Romney; Oklahoma for Romney; Conn. for Romney; Maine for Obama (interesting); Rhode Island for Obama, also Delaware; DC for Obama; Jersey too early to call, because of extenuating circumstances, won’t call until Friday (what?!

Life is good again. Emmett: FL making me feel very very good. ); Ohio and Missouri also too early (poor Ohio); (Update courtesy of Blog Reporter Nicol) From NPR: Virginia elections officials say they’ve paused releasing vote results because “many voters remain in lines in certain areas of the Commonwealth.” Tweet of the night Pete Strom, former US Attorney for SC, “I have been made privy to national exit polling from a Republican. I think I should have more insightful comments, but I’m pretty much just freaking out right now.

FOX lady seriously talking about how white people voting for MItt, all people of color for Obama…Huckabee saying Rebublicans have not reached out well enough to people of color Exit polls show 74 percent of Asian-Americans voting for Barack Obama Former mayor of Miami emails BBC and says Miami Dade County margin for Obama has exceeded what he won the state with in 2008. Nicol: There is an app for the Washington State election results, I just downloaded it. There you go. Nicol: electoral votes getting closer. Local news is interviewing Jim Clyburn (who won 96% of the vote) who says the Obama camp is fairly comfortable right now. turnout in Virginia.

Bigger than 2008. Emmett: Joe Donnely crushing Mourdock!!!

This is important. Obama in Minnesota official. Rape publicans have all lost their seats.

I would feel sorry for them but they kind of asked for it. zefrank ‏zefrankyou know what would be a funny prank?

Now that is news. Nate Silver saying that, if Obama wins in Florida, it will be largely due to the fact that Cubans and Hispanics generally like him better than they did in 2008. The state of disenfranchisement in the state of Florida is horrific, according to Huff Po: A stunning 23 percent of African Americans, the highest figure in the nation, cannot vote due to laws on felon disenfranchisement in Florida. Rick Scott (R) has made it harder for ex-felons to restore their eligibility and in 2011 signed a law cutting early voting days nearly in half.

I worked in the film and television industry for several years on shows like "Toddlers & Tiaras" and "Flipping Out." I've been published in the best-selling Women's Studies text "Women's Voices, Feminist Visions," alongside writers like Gloria Steinem, bell hooks, Maya Angelou, and Jessica Valenti. The Nearly Perfect Coloring Book Women's Voices, Feminist Visions The Non-Religious Patriarchy Communication Technology Update I give up on trying to get real work done, I’m just going to have to give in to the election addiction. 12AM Some are too close to call, but it appears right now that all the pot and gay things are going the right way. Colorado legalizes pot yeyah There are other races I care about — the pot and gay stuff — but i feel safe walking away from the race now.

Kyrsten Sinema (atheist from AZ) has a slight lead Right now gay marriage, pot initiatives across country all winning (for now)I wonder how horrified Dick Morris is at how wrong he was.

Fox can’t understand why abortion is an issue for anyone when some people aren’t employed. WHAT NBC officially projecting the House will be controlled by Republicans.

Boehner continues. MI to O; WI, MN, CO too close to call on FOX In Maryland, same-sex marriage referendum is currently up 58-42!!!

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Megyn Kelly: Auto industry bailout “apparently important to some folks there.” In Michigan, she’s saying.

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